Adobe Photoshop

Training Program

“Advanced Adobe Photoshop”


This course is designed for students who plan to enter the extremely interesting world of DESIGN. This is also a good opportunity for those who want to change their lives and acquire a new demanding profession.

During the training you will acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Program and will get answers to all your questions. This Adobe Photoshop Training can be great for designers, photographers and web creators.


In the first part of the training you will learn the Principles of Graphic Design through the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP program. This course will give you the opportunity to increase your creative thinking skills and a specially designed program and individual approach will reveal strengths and weaknesses of each student thus building an adapted educational strategy for each student.


Training key topics include:

  • Introduction to  Adobe Photoshop Program
  • Work Basics while working with the image/photo
  • Concept of colour
  • Use of histograms
  • Colour modes
  • Choice of color
  • History and Actions Palitras
  • Photo Editing
  • Areas activation
  • Layers
  • Channels
  • Brightness and color settings
  • Settings for increase the clarity
  • Digital photos restoration
  • Use of brushes
  • Paths (path) and vector figures
  • Text typing and input
  • Filters
  • Combination of images/photos


Start day: 

Duration: 36 hours / 18 days

Fee: AMD 70 000 (for the entire training)

Participants’ pre-requisites: No background knowledge needed.



As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served" basis. The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010 / 93 556810.