Why to learn Web design?

For the last years Design has become one of the most demanded professions in today’s market.

Taking this fact into consideration, we have developed a 3 level course for you, which will help you to get new and very actual specialty in a matter of 5 months.

Level 1

(Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator)

"Adobe Photoshop"



This course will give you the opportunity to increase your creative thinking skills and a specially designed program and individual approach will reveal strengths and weaknesses of each student thus building an adapted educational strategy for each student.



Training key topics include:

  • Introduction to  Adobe Photoshop Program
  • Work Basics while working with the image/photo
  • Color modes
  • History and Actions Palitras
  • Areas activation
  • Image sizing
  • Exporting
  • Layers
  • Basic effects/layer styles
  • Importing smart objects
  • File resolution
  • Pixel/inch/pt/cm differences
  • Brightness and color settings
  • Settings for increase the clarity
  • Paths and vector figures
  • Text typing and input
  • Combination of images/photos
  • Creating animated banners
  • Getting complicated shapes with brushes
  • Mounting techniques

“Adobe Illustrator”


The main goal of the course is to teach the participants basic and most used concepts of Adobe illustrator. 



Training key topics include: 

  • Note with the interface Adobe Illustrator
  • Work space specifics and pages
  • Creating and editing objects
  • Manages objects
  • Lines and lines forming tools
  • The objects of decoration
  • The objects of painting types
  • The objects transparency
  • Drawing techniques
  • Edges properties and fill
  • The color modes
  • Work with layers
  • Text and Text Editing
  • Work with picture objects
  • File import and export
  • Applying Effects on Objects
  • Getting and Retrieving Techniques for Any Complex Character
  • Interior coloring with network


Training start day: November 26, 2020
Training duration: 30 hours / 15 days

Training fee: AMD 79 000 AMD (for 2 month)


Participants’ pre-requisites: No background knowledge needed.


Level 2

“WEB Programming"



Why learn HTML and CSS?

Everything you see in a website is a result of the combination of HTML and CSS. With these two languages, you will have the skills you need to bring your website design to life.


Training key topics include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • CSS Animation
  • Bootstrap


Training start day:  2020
Training duration: 22 hours / 11 days

Training fee: 55 000 AMD (for 1.5 month)


Level 3

 “UI/UX Design”


The program is basically еnvisaged for graphic designers and developers, who aim to expand their knowledge in the sphere of UI design.


Here are the core topics the course will cover:

User Experience (UX)

-         History

-         Trends

-         Challenges 


What is UI/UX and what role it plays in companies of nowadays?

Product lifecycle and stages of design

Sketching and wireframing


Wireframing tools (inVision, Balsamiq, Axure)

-         High fidelity and low fidelity mockups


UX testing 


- KPIs

- Users' preferences testing 


Designing for iOS


- Style

- Color combinations

- Sizing

- PPI and DPI

- Launching icon design

- fonts

- Assets needed for app submission to the App Store


Designing for Android Platform


- Material Design

- DP (Density Independent Pixels)

- The process of app submission to Google Play Market

- Other tools and products of Google to be used in UI/UX design process 


Designing for web


-         General knowledge for HTML/CSS

-         Responsive and adaptive web design

-         What is Bootstrap?

-         Usage of Bootstrap Grid

-         Sizing

-         Style and trends

-         Flat 1.0, Flat 2.0

-         Gradients and overlays

-         Font sizes

-         Cross Browser capability

-         Basic terminology


The role of graphics in UI/UX



-         RGB/CMYK

-         Hue/Saturation

-         HEX


Gestalt theory in design


- White Space

- Elements' groupping 

- Axis




-         Sans/serif

-         History

-         Universal fonts

-         Baseline

-         X-height

-         text blocks in UI


Each participant will be assigned a personal task that will be presented in the form of presentation during the last session. Participants will also submit tests based on the main topics and terms covered during the course.



Training start day: November 21, 2020

Training duration: 24 hours / 8 days

Training fee: AMD 57 000 (for 2 months)


Knowledge of the graphic design softs is a must




As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served" basis. The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010/93/99 55 68 10.