“3DsMax: Graphics & Animation”


This course is designed for students who plan to enter the extremely interesting world of DESIGN. This is also a good opportunity for those who want to change their lives and acquire a new demanding profession.

The course consists of 3 phases. In the first part of the training you will learn the graphic and basic principles of 3Ds MAX & Animation. This course will give you an opportunity to increase your creative thinking skills and a specially designed program and individual approach will reveal strengths and weaknesses of each student thus building an adapted educational strategy for each student.

After finishing the basic course of the training and in case of appropriate desire you will reach the maximum result. At the end of training participants will receive certificates.




(Level 1)


Creating 3Ds MAX objects of any nature and complexity: based on architectural plan 3Ds building or construction, interior and exterior, human body, human face, cars, animals, personages, furniture, etc...

During the first part training key topics include:

  • Work with the viewing windows
  • Introduction and structure of  3Ds Max
  • Works with files
  • Unit -measuring settings and interface parameters
  • Geometric objects
  • Objects activation and properties fixation
  • Objects transformation
  • Objects cloning
  • Modificators
  • Two-dimensional (2D) linear objects
  • Poly objects
  • Mesh objects
  • Pach objects
  • Nurb objects
  • Composite objects
  • Modeling Modifications


Training start day: January, 2024

Training duration: 28 hours / 14 days

Training fee:   AMD 115 000 (for the entire level)

Participants’ pre-requisites: No background knowledge needed.

“3DsMax: Material and Render”

(Level 2)


Scan line render և VRAY render: Study of all materials and components working between them. Very photorealistic render which is very close to the reality.

During the 2nd  part training key topics include:

  • Materials properties
  • Management elements of the window Material Editor
  • Standard materials
  • Maps
  • Types of materials
  • Maps implementation modificators
  • Cameras
  • Light objects and basic methods of lighting/illumination
  • VRAY render types


Training start day: March, 2024

Training duration: 28 hours / 14 days

Training fee:   AMD 120 000 (for the entire level)



“3DsMax: Animation”

(Level 3)


During this phase you will understand the movement of object, the animation and make the object move up or down the way you want, for example human or personage animation, advertising video-clip, etc…


During the 3rd  part training key topics include:

  • Animation basics
  • Key cadres of Animation
  • Track Panels
  • View and key editing
  • Motion working place
  • Animation parameters
  • Animation based on limits and controllers
  • Tool panel of Animation Layers
  • Maintenance of animation sequences
  • Animation Modificators
  • Animations expressions through the script
  • Link between animation parameters
  • Animation Curves
  • Animation Personage
  • Direct and opposite kinematic
  • Personage Animation through the CAT tools
  • Personage surface coverage
  • Deviation of are
  • Real physical movement resemblance through the MassFX


Training start day: May, 2024

Training duration: 28 hours / 14 days

Training fee: AMD 125 000 (for the entire level)



As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served" basis. The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010 /93 /99 556810.