"Graphic design for teens"



Event Category:  “Graphic design for teens” ITeens

Skill Level: Beginner

Entertainment: Socialization, team building and teamwork

Duration: 2 times per week / 2 hours daily

Ages: 12-16



The course is designed for those who want to acquire in-depth knowledge in Graphic design, one of the most popular and in demand skills in today's job market.



Graphic Design presentation

  • the basics of design
  • the branches of design
  • the demand for graphic designers in market

Adobe Illustrator

  • introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Selection tool/Direction tool
  • Shapes/Colors/Shapebuilder tool
  • creating geometric animal designs
  • Eraser tool/Scissors tool/Eyedropper pen tool
  • work with compositions
  • fonts
  • work with fonts
  • work with icons
  • creation of business card, types of business card
  • business card printing
  • Paintbrush/Blob brush/Pencil tool
  • work with brush tools

Adobe Photoshop

  • introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • final display of files 
  • photo editing, removing background from image
  • parallel work with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

21st Century Skills Develop ment

  • Technical English
  • Idea Development
  • Business Environments
  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Presentation Skills
  • TRIZ




Training start day: June, 2023

Training duration: 2 times per week / 2 hours daily/ 7-8 month

Training fee:  29 000 AMD (monthly)



As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served" basis. The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010 /93 /99 55 68 10.






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