“Python | From Zero to Junior”




This course is for those who are interested in learning the basics of python programming: the language syntax and how it works.


Leading Expert

The training will be delivered by Romeo Avagyan, a highly qualified trainer in this field, a Python Developer / AI Engineer at ALL.me.



Key training topics include:

  • Intro to programming and python (What Python is?)
  • Basics and Syntax (Programming is Easy! We will write our first executable piece of code :3 )
  • Styling and writing clean code
  • Conditional expressions
  • Operators and expressions
  • LooooooooooOooops
  • Functions
  • Exceptions
  • Python modules and packages
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Bye Bye Tones of theory, WE WILL IMPLEMENT YOU! (Practice coding)
  • We will decide on a project the class wants to implement and hence the rest is dynamically changed :D
  • An imitation of job interview (The guide to self learning)




Training start day: 2022

Training days: Wednesday at 19:00-21:30 & Saturday at 11:00-13:30

Training duration: 40 hours /16 days

Training fee: 89 000 AMD (for the entire level)



Participants’ prerequisites: No background knowledge needed (You only need to know how to turn on the computer).



As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served" basis. The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010 / 93 / 99 55 68 10.