"Web for Teens"



Event Category:  “WEB for Teens” ITeenschool

Skill Level: Beginner

Entertainment: Socialization, team building and teamwork

Duration: 2 times per week / 2 hours daily

Ages: 12-16


This course is for those, who are interested in learning the basics of modern JavaScript programming: the language syntax, how it works in browsers, what the common cross-browser problems are.

The course is designed for those who want to acquire in-depth knowledge in JavaScript, one of the most popular and in demand skills in today's job market.


Training key topics include:


  • Titles and Paragraphs
  • Links, Images
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Tables, Forms
  • More Input Fields
  • Text Areas, Dropdown Selections
  • Structure of a HTML Document
  • Project Structure
  • Including CSS
  • Selections, reset.css
  • Box Model, Min and Max Width
  • Centering Horizontally
  • Background Image
  • Font Styling, Decorating Lists
  • Styling Tables, Using CSS Grid for an HTML Layout
  • Creating a Responsive Form
  • Creating a Responsive Portfolio
  • Creating a Responsive Shop
  • Creating a Responsive Business WebsiteVariables, Arithmetic Options
  • Console, Objects
  • Strings, Arrays
  • Add and Remove Array Elements
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Functions, Scope
  • Nested Functions
  • Methods, Function Expressions
  • Canvas Rectangle
  • Animating the Canvas
  • If - Else Statements
  • Boolean Expressions
  • While Loops, For Loops
  • Break and Continue
  • ForEach
  • JavaScript Load Event
  • Mouse Events
  • Touch Events
  • Namespaces
  • Classes

Responsive Web Site

21st Century Skills Develop ment

  • Technical English
  • Idea Development
  • Business Environments
  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Presentation Skills
  • TRIZ




Training start day: February, 2024

Training duration: 2 times per week / 2 hours daily/ 7-8 months

Training days: Monday and Thursday / 15:00-17:00

Training fee:  33 000 AMD (monthly)

Participants’ pre-requisites: No background knowledge needed.


As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served" basis. The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010/93/99 55 68 10 or 041 55 68 16.