Distance Learning

In the contemporary world of fast changing Technologies, learning is considered to be a lifelong exercise.  Today, the world needs a flexible and effective medium for learning, which provides facility to the learner to learn anywhere, any time with his/her own pace.  The rapid evolution of Internet and Web Technologies has provided a medium for the information interchange as well as a seamless interaction and collaboration among users.

The Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence provides Distance learning opportunities based on e-Sikshak learning platform provided by Indian partner.
e-Sikshak, a multilingual e-Learning framework developed by C-DAC Hyderabad is built on component based architecture.  Currently, the framework is being used in many Indian as well as International academic/training institutes apart from C-DAC.  The tool has been evolved into next generation e-Learning framework with latest updates.

The platform is characterized by the following key features:
  • Unicode based multilingual solution
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface
  • Supports multimedia content
  • Portable to MySQL and Oracle
  • The platform includes also such components as Online assessment, Discussions forums, Whiteboard, Chat and E-mail.