"Graphic Design for Teens" Summer School 

for teens (12-16)



AITC/EIF center announces "Graphic Design for Teens" Summer School for teenagers who are interested in graphic design. rom the beginning of the program groups of 3-5 people will be created., who will be introduced Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator design programs. Given their age, the programs will be provided so that could interest them, which will boost them to make the right decision whether to choose Graphic design sphere or not. During the course, the participants will clearly distinguish the Photoshop and Illustrator programs direction, as far as these programs are complementary to each other in 2D design.
The participants will also have the opportunity to meet with the representatives of the RA leading IT companies, learn about their professional experience and get answers to all their questions.

Graphic Design presentation
• the basics of design
• the branches of design
• the demand for graphic designers in market

Adobe Illustrator
• introduction to Adobe Illustrator
• Selection tool/Direction tool
• Shapes/Colors/Shapebuilder tool
• creating geometric animal designs
• Eraser tool/Scissors tool/Eyedropper pen tool
• work with compositions
• fonts
• work with fonts
• work with icons
• creation of business card, types of business card
• business card printing
• Paintbrush/Blob brush/Pencil tool
• work with brush tools

Adobe Photoshop
• introduction to Adobe Photoshop
• final display of files
• photo editing, removing background from image
• parallel work with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

21st Century Skills Development
• Introduction to StartUps / Business Environments
• Marketing & Strategy
• Presentation & Pitching skills
• Technical English
• Cyber Security & Safe use of social networks
• Introduction to science (interesting chemical experiments)

• Teambuilding activities
• Team works
• Experience exchange workshops
• Visit to an IT company

The course outcomes will be presented via Presentation. Parents and those who are interested may be present at the final presentation day of animations and computer games. At the end of the program, participants will be given certificates.

Start day: July 1, 2024
Training days & time: Monday-Friday at 12:00-14:30
Duration: 5 working days per week / 2,5 hours daily (1 month)
Training fee: 75 000 AMD (for entire course)



Our primary target groups are high school students [TEENAGERS 12-16 years old] who are interested in web programming and design. As the number of participants is limited, THE SELECTION WILL BE MADE ON THE “FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED” BASIS. In case of any question feel free to call us at +374 10/93/99 55 68 10 and +374 41 55 68 16 or just visit us.





This course is going to help you to enter the extremely interesting world of Design!


Thank you and good luck!