Empowering Science



Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT (AITC) and Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), with the support of PMI Science R&D Center, are implementing the “Empowering Science” program for scientists, Ph.D., and master students. In last 3 years more than 350 people have already got a chance for personal and professional growth in frame of this program.

The aim of the “Empowering Science” program is to develop the scientific capacity of Armenia by increasing the number of current and future scientists with advanced skills in different directions. Scientists, Ph.D., and master students have an opportunity to get involved in 6 courses. The courses have been designed to meet targeted demands of different academic directions and to provide participants with the advanced knowledge and skills relevant for the future successful career in Armenia.


The trainings are free of charge!

The series of training courses:


How to write a successful proposal in scientific field



  • Competitive funding schemes in science (national, bilateral, international): general introduction
  • Writing a proposal: general guidance, step-by-step advises
  • Introduction to the main local and international grant programs: H2020, ISTC (International Scientific and Technology Center), ANSEF, Scientific Committee of Armenia, etc.; practical recommendations
  • Soft skills for scientists: recommendations on writing scientific articles; preparing conference presentations; basics of IP management; search for information; communication skills

The training is designed for beginners.



Deadline to Apply: November 28, 2022

Training start day: November 30, 2022

Training duration: 15 hours / 6 days

Training's days: Wednesday and Friday at 19:00-21:30


Effective Communication and Negotiation in Science 


  • Improve existing communication skills
  • Learn how to develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Get over the barriers and make successful communications
  • Negotiate in the best way
  • Make win-win strategy during the negotiations


  • Elements of Communication
  • EQ Emotional Intelligence in Communications 
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communications 
  • Barriers and Tool in Communications
  • Negotiations and Communications
  • Negotiations by Harvard Model


Deadline to Apply: November 30, 2022

Training start day: December 2, 2022

Training duration: 18 hours / 7 days

Training's days: Wednesday and Friday at 19:00-21։30

Scientific Entrepreneurship 


This course is for scientists, graduate and post-graduate students who are thinking about translating their research into commercial innovation now or in the future, be it in a startup or an industry collaboration. Through this mini-acceleration course they will be introduced to an entrepreneurial mindset and practical assignments that will lead them to developing their innovations into a business model. We strongly recommend coming up with concrete ideas in mind to work with throughout the course.


  • Practical creativity and customer discovery
  • Business problem definition of scientific research
  • Business modeling for scientific research
  • Competitive analysis of scientific and business solutions
  • Market segmentation and promotion
  • Finances and Fund Raising
  • Idea presentation/pitching


Deadline to Apply: December 1, 2022

Training start day: December 5, 2022 

Training duration: 16 hours / 6 days

Training's days: Monday and Thursday at 19:00-21:30

Project Management in Science


  • What management processes are involved in project management?
  • Examine the best ways to identify a project goal.
  • Dive into the processes management and explore top softs
  • Identify the fundamentals of developing a project budget.
  • Distinguish the best ways to craft a quality plan.


  • Goal Setting and main resources
  • The team Management main principles
  • Processes Management
  • Time management
  • Milestones


  • Project Management Introduction
  • Management theory
  • Project phases and schedules
  • Software
  • Project Structures
  • Time Management
  • Practicing and specific examples


Deadline to Apply: December 4, 2022

Training start day: December 6, 2022
Training duration: 18 hours / 7 days

Training's day: Tuesday and Friday at 19:00-21:30


Presentation skills in science 



1. Self-presentation, design of materials

  • Image
  • Location
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Creating an endless mood
  • Material Design
  • Priority
  • Main idea
  • Summary

2. Work with the program

  • How to get started
  • Problems and solutions
  • Important functions in presentation
  • Audience engagement
  • Assignment

3. Visual Tools

  • Additional platforms to draw ideas from
  • Top 5 best platforms for the best sliders
  • Use of infographics
  • Video presentations
  • Dynamics
  • Software demos
  • Presentation of the novelty

4. Question - answer

  • Application of question-answer form
  • Work with the audience
  • Take questions as a follow-up to the presentation
  • Proactive/reactive responses
  • Humor


Deadline to Apply: November 7, 2022

Training start day: November 9, 2022 

Training duration: 18 hours / 7 days

Training's days: Wednesday and Friday at 19:00-21:30


INTRODUCTION TO TRIZ – ­Theory of Inventive Problem Solving 



During the course, the participants will get acquainted with the basics and approaches of TRIZ, will learn the systematic approach to understand and solve problems of any complexity, will understand how to stimulate creative and innovative thinking, and then will apply the acquired knowledge to solve dozens of different problems.

The course is designed for students, graduate students, technologists, scientists, as well as people interested in innovation and invention.The course is conducted by trainer Margarita Baburyan, MBA, CMC, 20 years of professional experience in the field of business training and consulting.


  •  Explore the approaches for solving various creative and inventive problems,
  •  Study the key principles of inventions,
  •  Understand the components of technical systems and principles of their development,
  •  Develop personal creative and inventive qualities,
  •  Apply TRIZ tools in problem solving.


  • TRIZ as a problem-solving methodology
  • 40 principles of inventions
  • The ideal end results
  • ARIZ - Algorithm for solving the inventive problems
  • Administrative, technical, and physical contradictions,
  • Standard solutions and creativity, approaches and tools,
  • Contradiction matrix and its application,
  • The structure, functions and development principles of technical systems.

Prerequisites: There are no special prerequisites.



Deadline to Apply: November 8, 2022

Training start day: November 10, 2022 

Training duration: 18 hours / 7 days

Training's days: Monday and Thursday at 19:00-21:30



All trainings are free of charge, however the places for each training course are limited. The selection will be based on the submitted Cover Letter and CV.

The online application form: https://forms.gle/VbqLgpsvZDzrpwHaA

Upon successful completion the participants will receive certificates.

Please make sure you have read the Privacy Notice before applying.