Training for only Elderly PeopleBasic Computer Skills for Elderly People

Taking into consideration the need of computer skills in modern world, Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT initiated a new and interesting training for elderly people to teach basic computer skills.

Elderly people usually feel uncomfortable using computers and the browsing internet, often because they have had no experience of them before and think they are too old to start learning. If they master it, it can bring new bright experiences to their lives, expanding their horizons and creating new opportunities for information receiving and sharing They can do the following using a computer and internet: apply skills and concepts for basic use of computer (hardware, software, network, and internet), communicate via email, social networking sites, search and find the needed resources (books, videos, receipts, news, etc.), connect with their friends and family at home on Skype and so on.

No previous knowledge of computer is requested for this training course. This basic computer skills course is designed for adult users who have little or no understanding, knowledge of, or experience in using a computer and would like the opportunity to learn with others in a supportive and encouraging environment. More information on the training can be found here.

Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT is a joint project of the Governments of Armenia and India, which is implemented by Enterprise Incubator Foundation (from Armenian side) and C-DAC center (from Indian side).  Situated in Yerevan State University and equipped with a state-of-the-art High Performance Computing Facility, the Center focuses on providing short-term and long-term advanced ICT trainings, R&D activities, certification and consultancy in different areas of interest.