“Digital Marketing”



Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT (AITC) and Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) are happy to announce a new training on the topic of “Digital Marketing”. The training will be delivered by Nane Matevossyan, who is an Independent Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Coacher for nearly 10 years with 8 years’ academic educational background and MBA in Marketing Management from SBS (Swiss Business School). Additionally, she is a certified trainer by famous Wix system in Webmaster and Digital Marketing area, as well as a Managing Partner of Slice Consulting company and founder of the Slice Academy vocational training and certification program.




The goal of training is to realize the significance of Digital Marketing and develop skills and knowledge needed to implement and improve the Digital performance of any company you want.

The training is designed for the Marketing Specialists, Marketing and PR Managers and for those, who have Marketing, PR, Economist or IT background and want to continue in the Digital Marketing.


Main topics to discuss:

  • TOPIC 1 - Introduction to DM 

-          Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing 

-          Digital Positioning and Content

-          Digital Branding

-          Digital Marketing Mix

  • TOPIC 2 - Website and SEO 

-          Web Site as a Broadcasting Tool

-          Web Site Performance

-          Webmaster without Coding – Practice

-          Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Organic Search – Practice

-          Secret Tools in SEO

  • TOPIC 3 - Search engine marketing (SEM)

-          SEM Tools and their Usage

-          PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and SEA – Practice

-          PPC Performance and Optimization– Practice

  • TOPIC 4 - Social Media marketing (SMM) 

-          SMM Specifications and Tools

-          Content Marketing and Strategy

-          SMM in Contemporary Digital Marketing and SMO

  • TOPIC 5 - Digital Advertising 

-          Sorts of Digital Advertising

-          Digital Advertising Platforms and Formats

-          Digital Advertising Insertion - Practice

-          Digital Advertising Strategy and Media planning – Practice

  • TOPIC 6 - Email marketing

-          Email marketing Tools

-          Email Marketing Strategy

  • TOPIC 7 -  Mobile marketing 

-          Mobile Promotion

-          Mobile Strategy - Practice

-          Mob sites, Mob Apps

-          Mobile Advertising Specifications - Practice

  • TOPIC 8 – Analytics in Digital Marketing or how to measure a refrigerator? 

-          Analytics Tools in Digital Marketing

-          Dimensions and Metrics

-          Google Tools - Practice

  •  E-Commerce (2 hours)

-          E-Commerce rules

-          How to develop an e-shop - Practice



Start date: October 10, 2017

Duration:  28 hours / 14 days

Training fee:  95 000 AMD (for the entire course)


Benefits: Standard Certificate and Slice Academy Certification availability



Marketing, PR, Economist or IT background or knowledge is preferable.