Agile Marketing


Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT (AITC) and Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) are happy to announce a new training on the topic of “Agile Marketing”. The training will be delivered by Nane Matevossyan, who is an Independent Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Coacher for nearly 10 years with 8 years academic educational backgraund and MBA in Marketing Managemet from SBS (Swiss Business School). Additionally, she is a certified trainer by famous Wix system in Webmaster and Digital Marketing area, as well as she is a Managing Partner of Slice Consulting company and founder of the Slice Academy vacational training and certification program.


The goal of training is to discover a new marketing technology to survive in the contemproary market. Nowdays new technologies in marketing are fatal and realtime updated knowledge, testing of nowelties give competitive advantage. In addition, Agile Marketing is new in Armenian market and this training will be provided in the first time.

The training is designed for the Marketing Specialists, Marketing and PR Managers, business owners and managers and for them, who has a Marketing, PR, Economist or IT background and want to continue in the Digital Marketing.


Main topics to discuss:

  • TOPIC 1 - Intro to Agile Marketing (2 hours)

-          What is Agile about? 

-          What does Agile Marketing mean?

  • TOPIC 2 - Real Time Marketing

-          Agile Marketing process

-          Agile Marketing models

  • TOPIC 3 - Agile Marketing Tools

-          Agile Marketing Tools for 4 P's model

-          Scrum in Agile Marketing

  • TOPIC 4 - Sprints and Iterations

-          Sprint Planning and Stand-up

-          Iterations, duration and significance in Agile Marketing

-          Performance Analysis and Cycles


Start day: 

Duration:  8 hours /  4 days

Days & timing:  Tuesday and Thursday at 18:30-20:30

Fee:  AMD 39 000 /VAT included/



Benefits: Standard Certificate and Slice Academy Certification availability


Marketing, PR, Economist or IT background/knowledge is needed.


As the number of participants is limited the selection will be made on "first come - first served". The selected students will be notified additionally. For more information please call us at 010/93/99 556810.